TRS declares candidate for RS poll: No tickets for Mohammed Saleem, Mahboob Alam Khan

Hyderabad: The party which claims to impart social justice once again neglected the Muslims. The nominations for Rajya Sabha seats have been finalized but no Muslim names figures in it.

It may be mentioned that last time, TRS nominated Dr. K. Keshav Rao, Mr. D. Srinivas and Capt. Lakshmikant Rao for Rajya Sabha. It was expected that this time, a Muslim candidate would be sent to Rajya Sabha. For the past few months, the names of Mr. Mohammed Saleem and Mr. Mahmood Alam Khan were making rounds in the political circles but their names did not figure in the list issued yesterday.

It may be noted that TRS had promised 12% reservation for Muslims and a sub-plan but it did not fulfill these promises. Muslims had voted TRS believing these promises. For the past 4 years, the issue of separate sub-plan remains unresolved.

Muslim candidates of TRS are disappointed with the attitude of CM but a few Muslim leaders support the step taken by Mr. KCR and say that whatever decision he takes is right.

–Siasat News