TRS can’t fool Palamuru people with lies: DK Aruna

Alleging that the habit of telling lies was in the blood of TRS leaders, Gadwal MLA DK Aruna said that the TRS leaders would not fool the Palamuru people with lies.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Friday, Aruna said that the Kalvakurthy project was launched by the Congress government in September 2012 but the Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao was giving an impression that as if he was constructed the project. She said that almost all the projects in Palamuru district were completed during Congress regime only. She alleged that the Harish Rao was making falsehood statements saying that the Congress party confined to breaking coconuts. “The TRS government was breaking coconuts by inaugurating the projects already inaugurated by the Congress government”, she alleged. She also questioned the TRS government, which demanded earlier to keep the Navayuga contractors in jail, to tell as to why it was giving the contract to the same contractors forgetting its demand.

Throwing a challenge at Harish Rao to come to Gadwal to see the development took place in Gadwal and to compare it with the development took place in Siddipet. It was sad that the TRS government was celebrating by breaking coconuts to the projects completed by the Congress party government as if it was constructed those projects. (NSS)