TRS candidates face protests during election campaign in Telangana

Hyderabad (Telangana): Candidates of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) are repeatedly facing protest on the ground while campaigning for the upcoming Telangana assembly elections.

The party leaders campaigning for the forthcoming polls are facing the ire of the people for dissolving the state assembly early. The candidates are being greeted with “down-down” slogans while campaigning in different parts of the state.

People are also accusing the party of not doing any development work in the state. The rural voters have alleged that the MLAs, who won from their constituencies never paid a visit to the area after 2014 assembly polls and failed to fulfil the promises made during the elections.

TRS MLA Maganti Gopinath also had to face the flak of the people, while he was on the door to door campaign at Kalyan Nagar in Jubilee Hills area, Hyderabad. Unhappy with the development in her area, a woman voter told the MLAs that “do you have a brain to ask votes again even after not solving our problems.”

Earlier on Saturday, TRS leader Padma Devender Reddy also paid a visit to Medak assembly constituency, from where she won in 2014. During her campaigning the voter complaint about water crisis in the area.

Reddy, though affirmed the people that the work is in progress and soon they will get a proper water supply.
Last week, Rajendhar Ready, the TRS candidate from Mahbubnagar constituency was also stopped when he was on his way to his constituency for campaigning. The locals blocked his way for allegedly not providing Mission Bhagiratha water for every house as promised before the 2014 elections.

Another MLA from the state, Thati Venkateswarlu was also stopped in Jagannadhapuram village and had to face questions of the protestors.

Several other TRS leaders are also facing the rage of the protestors while campaigning for the forthcoming polls.
Voters in some of the villages are protesting with empty buckets and are not letting the leaders to campaign in their villages.

The Telangana State Assembly was dissolved prematurely by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, who called for the advancement of polls in the state. The Legislative Assembly elections in the state are due to be held on December 7 to elect members of the 119 constituencies.