Trounce Chandrababu for stalling projects: KCR

Hyderabad: Caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today launched a fresh blitzkrieg against TD Chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu for trying to prevent Palamur irrigation projects. ‘Do we need Chandrababu’s diktats in Telangana, cannot we rule our state after winning the elections, he aked.

Ridiculing Naidu for his comments of building Hyderabad, he sought to know as to why the TDP regime failed to give adequate power to Telangana and why it killed the farmers for seeking power. Chandrababu without shame coming to Telangana on the shoulders of the Congress which so far has been the arch rival, he said. These two parties are now targeting the TRS for the polls and I hope that the people are aware of the schemes taken up by the TRS Government and they should reject them to lose deposits.

The TRS regime has been getting accolade at national level for its schemes as they have been focusing on welfare, progress, completing projects, providing housing for the poor, land to Dalits, schools for Minorities and BCs and others and giving pensions, he claimed.

KCR was addressing public meetings at several places including Aler, Munugodu, Mahabubnagar, Wanaparty, Nagar Kurnool, Nagarjuna Sagar. He urged the people to bluntly hit out at the TDP Chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for writing 30 letters against Palamur project to the Center. KCR further appealed to the people not TO hit Chandrababy by their hands, but with votes to throw him out to Amaravathi as he had already thrown him out on achieving the statehood in 2014.

Stating that he will never rest until his last breath to make the farmers rich and do everything for it, KCR urged the people to give mandate to the ruling party as it provided help to all sections through welfare schemes. At Munugode he promised to address fluoride problem by giving safe drinking waters through mission bhagiratha and mission kakatiya to boost agriculture, fishermen and other communities with needed help and support. KCR also promised to address the woes of the farmers and people by bringing 1.75 lakh acres under irrigation through lift irrigation. He offered to give Degree College for Chowtuppal, complete outer ring road and address all issues on being voted to power. Sure we are going to win the polls and it is the turn of the people to teach a lesson to the opposition parties for unholy alliance in the elections, KCR said.

It is the Telangana state giving Rs onel akh for marriage of poor girls, giving Rs 13000 to woman on delivery of a baby girl, KCR Kits and shifting them to their homes and giving pensions which will be doubled.

The polls are common and we need the government which will vie itself for welfare, development, projects for irrigation to boost agriculture and focus on education, health and industrial sectors. At Aler meeting KCR asked the people to give one lakh votes majority to Gongidi Sunitha the sitting MLA in the elections and help develop Bhuvanagiri and other towns and villages. Our high command is people and unlike in Amaravathi and Delhi he said.