Troubled by raid in Hyderabad hospital, parents of unborn fly in from US

Hyderabad: With the Police raid on Kiran Infertility Centre, NRI parents-to-be who had hired the service of the surrogate mother were worried for their unborn child.

An NRI couple from the USA came to Hyderabad after the news broke out last week. The parents met the surrogate mother on Wednesday and were relieved to know that she was fine and there was no harm caused to the baby due to the raid, reported DC.

A senior doctor at Kiran Infertility Centre said, “Many of the commissioning parents are worried. They are trying to reach out to us as they want to know the state of the surrogate mothers. We are assuring them that they are with us and in good health.”

Of the 48 women in the centre, 10 of the women are surrogate mothers who have been commissioned by couples from the USA. There are no legal issues if an NRI looks for surrogate motherhood in India.

A senior doctor from the centre said, “Couples opt for surrogacy when there are medical issues with either or both of them. Each case is different with different medical complications. Procedures have been properly explained to them and also their contractual obligations.”