Trouble-free ways to combat hair loss

Trouble-free ways to combat hair loss

New Delhi: Every second person around the globe has to deal with this growing problem of hair loss at some stage of the life.

One of the scientists at The Himalaya Drug Company has come up with some trouble-free ways of combating hair loss.

This is what he suggests:

* A warm oil massage can be the best remedy to provide your hair with the required amount of nourishment. The massage can not only relieve you of your pent-up stress but also accelerate blood circulation on the scalp, thus reducing the possibility of hair loss.

* Hair dryers and straighteners can adversely affect the health of your hair as the heat can weaken the roots and impact the hair proteins. While an occasional styling stint might be the need of the hour for important occasions, it is advisable to refrain from using dryers on a regular basis.

* Also known as the `flame of the forest`, the butea gum tree has astringent properties and is especially useful in scalp treatments. Use an anti-hair loss cream with butea in it and experience the decreased hair fall.

* A good hair wash is always refreshing, but applying chemicals and compounds too often on your hair could also result in hair fall as the hair could lose its strength due to dryness. Use a herbal and mild shampoo, but use it sparingly to enjoy thick and lush hair.