Troll wishes Sania Mirza on Pakistan’s I-Day: Here’s how she responds

New Delhi: Indian Tennis star, Sania Mirza gave a tough reply to one of the Twitterati who wished her “Happy Independence Day” on 14th August.

According to the report published in Times Now, one of the Twitterati by name, “Romeo Gold 2.0” wrote, “Happy Independence @MirzaSania Aapka Independence Day Aaj Hai Na”.

Reacting to it, Ms. Sania wrote, ” Jee nahi.. mera aur mere country ka Independence Day kal hai, aur mere husband aur unnki country ka aaj!! Hope your confusion is cleared !!Waise aapka kab hai?? Since you seem very confused”.

It is not the first time, earlier too, Sania Mirza had faced similar troll when she expressed her views on Kathua rape case. Expressing her views on the rape case, she had written, “Is this really the kind of country we we want to be known as to the world today ?? If we can’t stand up now for this 8 year old girl regardless of our gender,caste,colour or religion then we don’t stand for anything in this world.. not even humanity.. makes me sick to the stomach”

Replying to her tweet, a person had written, “With all respect madam which country are you talking abt.Last time I checked u had married into Pakistan. You no longer are a Indian. And if u must tweet thn also tweet for the innocents killed by Pak terror outfits..”.

Reacting to this reply, Sania Mirza had written, “First of all nobody marries ‘into’ anywhere .. you marry a person! Secondly NO LOW LIFE like you will tell me which country I belong to.. I play for India, I am Indian and always will be.. nd maybe if u look beyond religion and country one day you may just also stand for humanity!”.