Triple Talaq Row: ‘Will only follow Quran and Hadith’ says SP leader

Rampur: Moments after the controversial Triple Talaq bill penalizing Muslim men was passed in Lok Sabha this Thursday, senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said he ‘we will follow Quran and Hadith’.

Addressing media, the former minister said: “No matter how many laws they (BJP MPs) make to change the divorce law in Lok Sabha, we will only follow Quran and Hadith. The entire divorce procedure has been mentioned in these two holy books, followed by the entire Muslim world.”

“The entire procedure of divorce is given in detail in the Quran. No one can disobey it. Divorce that takes place following the Quran’s procedure is divorce, but the one that does not follow this procedure is a sin,” he said.

“If any woman does not want to stay with her husband, then you cannot stop her. Muslim woman is also entitle to ‘Khula’ (divorce pronounced by wife). You can make as many laws as you want.

But what law will you bring for those men who have dumped their wives and are occupying seats of power?” he asked.

BJP’s concern regarding Muslim women while on the other lynchings of Muslim men shows they have got something up their sleeves.

Taking a f=direct jab at Saffron party, he said: “If you (BJP) are concerned about the women’s rights, then justice should be done to those women whose husbands were killed in Gujarat riots…justice should be done to Zakia Jafrai (wife of ex-MP Ehsan Jafari who was killed in the riots)”