Triple Talaq: Modi Govt. will meet with failure in Rajya Sabha again

New Delhi: In a report published in Inquilab Urdu Daily, it was assessed that the step Modi Govt. is taking to polarize majority community votes is going against it. After the Ram Mandir issue, the politics of Triple Talaq Bill is also going against the BJP Govt.

The Govt. which got Triple Talaq Bill passed in Lok Sabha will certainly meet with defeat in Rajya Sabha. The surprising thing is that despite issuing a whip, many important MPs of BJP remained absent in Lok Sabha. The bill was passed only with the support of 245 votes out of the total 543 MPs in Lok Sabha.

Out of 89 seats of NDA, BJP has 73 seats whereas UPA has 57 seats and other parties have 82 seats. Except TRS, the remaining opposition parties have 31 votes.

Earlier, Congress had supported the Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha but this time, it opposed it and demanded the Govt. to send the bill to Select Committee. Congress also said that there should not be any interference in the matters of other religions.