Triple Talaq Bill shuts the door on reconciliation between a Husband and wife

Lucknow: The women intellectuals from the Muslim community feel that, the triple talaq bill passed by the Lok Sabha actually prevents reconciliation between a wife and her husband.

According to the news reported in Hindustan Times, the women also say that the bill does not provide protection to the Muslim women and it actually disempowers them.

Irene Akbar, a former journalist who has initiated the campaign “StandupforMuslimmen’ on the social media, said that “This divorce bill does nothing to empower women. It only disempowers her by letting anybody put her husband in jail, irrespective of whether he actually uttered ‘talaq’ in one-go.”

A retired Civil Servant, Parveen Talha, said that “The Bill will not ensure protection for women. The Supreme Court has already declared triple talaq unacceptable, which means the marriage can’t be dissolved.”

Parveen Talha is also an author of a novel titled ‘A Word Thrice Uttered’ on triple divorce. She further asks that “When divorce has not taken place, how can the man be punished?”

Parveen Talha also points out that, once the man serves his jail term, he will seek ways to get rid of his wife by adopting other tactics. She also said that “So, if this Bill becomes law, there won’t be any scope left for reconciliation.”

Akbar says that “To malign the Muslim community, the state and the media, for long, have used contrasting narratives of the ‘pitiful’ Muslim woman and the ‘vile’ Muslim man.

She further asserts that “I am a Muslim woman and I cannot allow myself to be used as a tool by the State to harass the Muslim man. Hence, I am against the triple ‘talaq’ bill, which seeks to only populate our jails with Muslim men.”

Meanwhile, one of the petitioners in the triple talaq case, Ishrat Jahan has joined BJP. It was confirmed by Kolkata BJP unit general secretary Sayantan Basu on Sunday.