Triple Talaq bill is a political gimmick of RSS and Modi government to mislead people: Naveed Hamed

New Delhi: Strongly condemning the tabling of triple talaq bill in the Lok Sabha, President All India Muslim Majlis Mushavirat Naveed Hamed said that Modi government is dancing to the tunes of RSS. He termed it as a political gimmick. He said it is a bid to cover BJP’s defeat in recent state elections.

Mr Hamed said this a political game of the government in which it is trying to pull a curtain over the failures its 4-year rule, on the pretext of women’s sympathy.

President Mushavirat said this issue is top listed in the agenda of the government so that it can disrupt the atmosphere of the country by provoking Muslims and take political mileage out of it.

Mr Naveed Hamed appealed the Muslims of the country to understand the nefarious plans of the government and avoid such reactions which could help the Sangh Parivar achieve its agenda for 2019 elections.