Triple Talaq Bill not tabled in RS, Opp wants clarification on Rafael jet scam

Triple Talaq Bill not tabled in RS, Opp wants clarification on Rafael jet scam

New Delhi: Triple Talaq Bill could not be placed in Rajya Sabha on Friday as the opposition parties refused to discuss the bill unless the Rafale fight jet deal with France is cleared.

Now it is unclear whether the Bill that aims to criminalize instant divorce among Muslim community will be pushed to Winter session of Parliament or not, India TV reported.

The Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu told that Bill could not be tabled in the Rajya Sabha since there is opposition to it from the opposition parties.

Thought the speaker tried, the house had to be adjourned throughout the day as the Congress relentlessly objected to the government’s efforts to table the bill on the last day of Monsoon Session and demanded that it should first come out clean over the Rafale jet deal with France.

The opposition party Congress has demanded that the aircraft deal matter should be referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC).

Newly-elected Deputy Chairman Harivansh had to adjourn the House till 2:30 pm amidst the sloganeering by the Congress and other Opposition MPs but was finally decided by the Chairman Venkaiah Naidu that it will no longer be placed on the table that day.

Rafael Jet dead with France is now being called as the biggest scam by opposition parties who are demanding should be discussed in the House.

“The opposition has only this one platform where it is face to face with the government and can raise issues. Therefore, Parliament sessions should be longer,” opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said.