Triple Talaq bill: ‘A jail term for husbands is most welcome’, says Shayara Bano

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha, on Thursday, has passed the bill invalidating ‘triple talaq.’ The bill includes the provision for three years jail for the husband and the practice is treated as a crime according to the provisions of the bill.

According to the news report published in Mail Today, Shayara Bano, a 35-year-old from Uttarakhand, and also a face of battle against triple talaq has said that “Yes. Only fear can be a deterrent. A jail term for the husband is most welcome”.

She further said that “We are really happy that the procedure started by Modiji and Yogiji to protect Muslim women is bearing fruit.”

Faiza Khan, from Agra, another victim of triple talaq said that “this day is more significant than Eid or Bakra Eid”.

She also said that “We are really happy that the procedure started by Modiji and Yogiji to protect Muslim women is bearing fruit.”

The draft bill said: “In spite of the SC setting aside triple talaq, it continued in different parts of the country. It is seen that setting aside talaqe-biddat by the SC has not worked as any deterrent in bringing down the number of divorces. It is therefore felt that there is need for state action to give effect to the SC order and to redress the grievances of victims of illegal divorce.”

Shayara Bano told to Mail today that “A month before the court was to hear the petitions, some people talking to me on behalf of the Muslim board asked me to withdraw the petition from SC. They told me, ‘When you are not going to gain anything from it personally, why are you maligning the community?’ I told them I may have lost everything but I’m fighting for other women who are going to face such a situation. They quietly left.”

She also told that “The bill recognises the need for penal provisions in the Act so that Muslim men realise that committing the illegality of triple talaq will henceforth have serious consequences. The fear of jail term will be a deterrent.”

Shayara Bano is the mother of two and she has gone through physical and mental agony for over 10 years, and was made to undergo as many as six abortions by her husband.

According to Farah Faiz, president of the Rashtrawadi Muslim Mahila Sangh, which represents a large number of victims of triple talaq, “The bill with penal provision is welcome but is incomplete and requires several amendments. In fact, the jail term should be enhanced to seven years from three years. There should also be a fine which should go to the wife and children. The amount should be sufficient for their maintenance. This is important as no husband will pay maintenance after being sent to jail.”

VK Biju, lawyer of 30-year-old Ishrat Jahan, another petitioner before the SC told that “The bill is well-intentioned and aims to protect the interests of Muslim women,” Jahan’s lawyer VK Biju said.

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017, has provisions that a Muslim man who resorts to instant talaq can be jailed for up to three years. He will also have to give maintenance for the sustenance of the wife and dependent children. Custody of minor children from the marriage would be granted to the woman.