Triple Talaq bill aims at destroying Muslim society: Maulana Khaleelur Rahman

New Delhi: Reacting strongly upon the passing of triple Talaq bill in haste, Muslim Personal Law Board spokesman Maulana Khaleelur Rahman Sajjad Nomani said the government wants to fill the jails with Muslim men so that Muslim society may face disintegration. He said the way in which the bill has been passed in a hurry, shows what government wants to do with Muslim society. Were the intentions of the government have been fair, it would have consulted Muslim scholars and Muslim legal experts before passing the bill. Mr Nomani urged the members of Raja Sabha not to let the bill pass, and ask the bill to be sent to select committee because Nikah is a civil contract and it would be resolved through its own mechanism not through criminal act.

Maulana Khaleelur Rahman said, when he read the draft bill he was shocked to see that not only the wife but any neighbor can lodge triple Talaq complaint against a person and police will have the power to act against him. This is not a secret how police behave with Muslims.

Maulana termed it violation of justice. He said, Law minister was giving the example of Muslim countries but it is not a criminal act in Muslim countries. He said the Act aims at destroying the Muslim society and filling the jails with Muslim men. The government wants to send the Muslim men to jail on this pretext.

Maulana Nomani termed the statement of law minister that he wants to provide justice to Muslim women as ridiculous. He asked law minister, prime minister and all the members of the parliament who supported the bill, are the widows of Afrazul Islam and Akhlaq not Muslim women? Are their mothers and mother of Najeeb not Muslim women?

He also advised Muslim women to be aware that government’s intention is not fair and it is not the sympathizer of Muslim women.