Tribal villager killed by Naxals in Odisha

Malkangiri: A tribal villager was killed by a group of armed Naxals on the suspicion that he was a ‘police informer’.

The incident took place yesterday night at Sudhakonda village under the Kalimela police station in Malkangiri district of Odisha.

The victim has been identified as Ganga Madkami.
According to sources, Naxals barged into the village and dragged the victim out from his house and shot him.

Victim’s sister Kauslya Madkami said, “A group of armed Naxals barged into our home and took my brother along with them. My sister-in-law is pregnant so I went to save my brother. By the time I reached the spot, they shot him thrice and claimed that he was a police informer. If anyone from the village will open his/her mouth before the police, then, they too will face same consequences”.

The Naxals also left behind a poster at the spot claiming responsibility for the killing.

In the posters, the Naxals have also warned other villagers for drastic consequences if they informed the police or helped them in future.