Tribal, Muslim prisoners face discrimination: Prof. Sai Baba

There is no one to take care of tribal and Muslim prisoner in jails across India. It is conspired to delay their release by falsely implicating them in one or other cases. On the other side advocates are also showing indifference in following up cases of SEMI activists imprisoned in Nagpur jail. Delhi University Professor G N Saibaba, who was granted bail earlier this week by the Supreme Court, revealed this. The wheelchair-bound professor was arrested for alleged Maoist links.

Addressing an interactive session organised by the Struggle Committee For Release Of Prof. GN Sai Baba, pointed out the biased police attitude towards tribal and Muslims. He told that officials with communal mindset in jail administration, in the name of patriotism, are meting out ill treatment towards tribal and Muslim prisoners in jail. He said he was not given any medical treatment and was not allowed to meet his family members despite Supreme Court orders. The same treatment is done towards Muslim prisoners. They are denied permission to meet their families, he said.

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