Tri-partite understanding between TRS-BJP-AIMIM

The TRS chief and the Chief Minister of Telangana Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao, has completed his one year term on false promises to all sections of the people of Telangana. None of the section or community are happy with his pre-poll promises. His attitude especially towards minority Muslims seems to be of double standard.



He failed miserably in implementing 12% reservations to Muslims of the state. It seems there is a conspiracy of BJP and Sangh in not implementing the reservations to Muslims. He is influenced by the BJP of the state and Centre too. To divert the attention of muslims from 12% reservations, he is announcing some of the tiny schemes to benefit few muslims, like arranging Iftar Party’s, distributing Rs. 500/- to the poor and clothes and Rs. 1000/- to the Masjid Imams and Maouzans. It is surprising to note that along with BJP and RSS, the AIMIM party leader Asaduddin owaisi is also silent on the issues of Muslims like 12 % reservation, demolition of Osmania General Hospital and other heritage buildings which were built by the Qutubshahis and Nizam’s of Hyderabad.


It is the double standard of KCR, on the one hand he announces the schemes to appease muslims and on the other hand damaging history & culture of muslims and not supporting in their economic, social & educational development .


There seems to be a Tri-partite understanding between TRS-BJP-AIMIM for their political benefit. They are cheating muslims of the State.

Hence, We demand to implement 12 % reservations to muslims, stop immediate demolition of Osmania General Hospital & other Heritage buildings and change the name of KBR-Park at Jubilee Hills to Asaf Jah-Park, as was announced earlier by the Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrasekhar Rao Garu. Mohammed saleem appelead to people to kepp their ears and eyes open this unfaithful leadership of Tel;angana