Treating Triple “Talaq” as one not acceptable to Muslims – Khalid Saifullah Rahmani

Hyderabad: Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board expressed his grave concern for treating triple “Talaq” at a time as valid. He was reacting to the statement made by Dr. Tahir Mahmood who mentioned that pronouncing triple “Talaq” should be treated as one “Talaq”. Maulana Rahmani said that it is a conspiracy to interfere in the Sharia. He further told that it has been mentioned in the Quran that if a person pronounces “Talaq” three times at one stretch, it is treated as three divorces which is final.


In fact the Muslim scholars have treated triple “Talaq” has been treated as final. It is also not true that in all the Muslim countries, triple “Talaq” is treated as one but the reality is contrary.


In Saudi Arabia a commission was constituted to research on this issue. It was decided that although pronouncing the triple “Talaq” is a sin but if it is pronounce at one stretch, final divorce occurs. Jamia Azhar of Egypt has  also passed this decree.


There is a need for the Muslim society to create awareness to avoid pronouncing triple “Talaq” at one stage. It should be noted that this issue is not under the purview of the law of the land but it is a religious matter. All those who have no knowledge about Islamic Sharia should refrain from issuing statements on such a sensitive issue.



-Siasat News