Treat entire village with ‘Non veg’ feast to purify rape victim: Panchayath

Bhopal: A non-vegetarian feast to purity rape survivor was the condition the panchayath put forth to accept the victim’s family back into the community in MP’s Rajgarh district.

The panchayath’s order to accept back the rape survivor’s family brings shame to the society’s ill standard’s where rather than serving justice to the victim, she and her family is treated as a taboo.

According to sources the victim is a 17-year-old rape survivor who have been previously ordered ostracisation in January and now the Panchayath has decreed that they would be accepted back in the community only if her father gives the entire village a non-vegetarian feast to “purify her”.

Furious at the panchayath’s order the victim’s father went to the police.

The father’s complaint stated that the victim was raped by a youth from the same village in January this year.

The accused was sent to jail, but the survivor’s family was immediately ostracized but on April 4, the panchayat decreed that the family would be accepted back only if the survivor’s father offers a non-vegetarian feast.