Telangana: Gold, silver ornaments unearthed in Jangaon

Hyderabad: A pot containing gold and silver ornaments was dug out from a piece of land belonging to one farmer, Narasimha at Pembarthi village of Jangaon district.

Narasimha, who is reportedly a real estate businessman from Hyderabad, had gone to the village to convert his land to a residential plot.

While digging the land, the pot was discovered two feet down the plot. When he broke the pot, he found that it was full of gold and silver ornaments, upon which he alerted the local authorities.

Meanwhile, residents of nearby villages flocked to the village to see the valuables.

The officials recovered the gold ornaments weighing 189.820 grams and silver ornaments weighing 1.727 kilograms and sent them to the Collectorate.