“Treasure trove” turns out to be a water heater!

A huge gunmetal pot was unearthed while digging soil near the vegetable market area for laying a drainage pipeline in Gadwal town of Mahbubnagar district on Wednesday.

On discovering the ancient pot in the soil, the workers at the site as well as people of the town thought the pot would be a treasure trove. The news spread like a wild fire and hundreds of people rushed towards the spot see the “treasure trove”. But soon they were disillusioned to see only earth and water in the pot instead of diamonds and ancient gold jewelry.

According to the information, the authorities concerned demolished the old vegetable market building to construct a new one with modern amenities. While the workers were excavating the soil with an earth moving machine, an old wall collapsed and the huge pot made of gun metal was found. On the receipt of the information, the local police and Revenue authorities visited the spot and got the ancient pot lifted from the soil on Wednesday morning. The police had a tough time in controlling the onlookers and had to disperse them by mild lathi-charge. The ancient pot was shifted to the Tahsildar’s office, kept it in a room and sealed the room.

On Thursday morning, the cover of the ancient pot was opened by removing bolts under supervision of officials of the Archaeological department. The pot which has two holes is turned out to be a water heater of rich people and ruling class. It is learnt that in olden days brass pots were used for heating water. They used to pour water through one hole of the pot and draw hot water from the other, the old people recollect. (NSS)