Travel hacks to swear by if you are an avid traveler!

New Delhi: Travel is one of the best things that can happen in life.

Seeing new places, exploring terrains and immersing in a different culture not only brings knowledge but an experience to one’s self that money can’t buy.

Everything good comes with a catch, like with travel comes a cost. Budget travel is not about luxury at all, but it can’t be bad also. However, it all depends on how much you are willing to do to save some bucks.

So here are some budgeting methods for travelers by Travelyaari & ConfirmTkt:

Plan your budget:

The number one thing you should be thinking about when you’re planning the next getaway or that office trip. Depending on the place and duration of your stay plan your expenses beforehand. It goes a long way in saving you some quid, unless you try to ‘go with the flow’ and realize the mistake after coming home.

Budget hotels:

Cheap hotels do not mean bad hotels. If it is for business, a simple clean room would do the trick, given that you spend working most of the time you are there. For vacations, stop spending big bucks for a place to sleep, you would rather be out there where the real adventure is. A room with basic amenities ranging from 1000-2000 Rs is enough for a clean roof over your family’s head.

Train travel:

It remains the same for the most countries or states in India you visit. Train travel is one of the most affordable and widely used forms of transport. If you want to save money, even for business travel, it may sound feasible if the destination is 10-11 hours away. Night trains are your closest friends with affordable prices and a good night’s sleep. In India, Europe and many other parts of the world, Special cost saving passes are provided if you plan to travel for months together.

Public transport:

Whenever you are in a new city, avoid local taxis. Be resourceful and give yourself enough time to figure out and use the public transport available. Metros and subways are a boon in big cities for any travel, taking you from A to B literally for less than a dollar and so is the case for any part of the world. If no metro or subway, any place you visit should have buses or other forms of transport where you could opt instead of pricey taxis.

Smart booking:

Being smart while booking amenities for your trip can pay a lot of dividends. Earning points and saving money by making smart decisions like knowing the time for cheapest travel and other deals, Booking a round trip rather than buying the tickets separately when you want to get that return ticket anyways can save you a lot of money.