Travel goals: How to fit exercise in your vacays

London: With the emerging trend of fitness fads, there is absolutely no reason to leave your fitness goals behind, even when you are travelling.

A good workout on the go can always be accommodated in your travel schedule, whether for business or pleasure.

As quoted by The New York Times, Annette Lang, a certified personal trainer said, “You can actually maintain and even improve your fitness level when you’re on the road. And, you don’t have to bother with a gym to do it”.

Lang shared some of her tips for fitting in some exercise while you travel:

– Feel and experience the new environment through activities:

You can include some physical activity each day of your getaway. Lang suggested renting a bike if you are in an urban location and ride along some scenic locations.

Take the stairs, hike along a local group, throw in a little exercise, or explore a local park – all these activities should do the trick.

– Create your own walking tour:

Nothing beats the experience of discovering a new locale on foot. It is the ideal way to get an authentic sense of place and include some physical activity while doing so.

Lang suggested making a list of destinations and set out on foot to explore them on foot.

– Go healthy with a mini breakie workout:

A short burst of high-intensity workout followed by a healthy breakfast is the perfect start of your day on a vacation.

“You’ll burn calories first thing and also feel energised for the rest of the day,” Lang said.

Do a quick internet search for ideas and just start your day on a good note.

– Instead of standing, gear up while waiting in a queue:

While standing in a line to buy tickets or stuff is inevitable, it is also possible include some quick physical activities while doing so. Lang suggested calf raises, glute squeezes, and belly breathing. While you might garner some odd looks, but the results will be worth it all. (ANI)