Transgender beaten to death over fake kidnapping rumours

Hyderabad: A transgender was beaten to death over rumours on the social media sphere that the person was the member of a child-lifting gang.

The member of the transgender community named, Chandraiah, was undergoing treatment in Osmania General Hospital.

Commissioner of Police, Anjani Kumar said that the rumour was spread through a WhatsApp group and at least 15 people have been arrested so far.

“A transgender who was beaten by a mob over rumours of a child-lifting gang on WhatsApp, succumbed to injuries yesterday, 15 people were arrested,” said Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar on the same.

An investigation is underway to find out more people involved in this case.

The Commissioner while speaking to the media said that spreading of disinformation in the social media sphere should be discouraged, and added that if any such rumours come to the fore than the police authorities should be informed immediately.(ANI)