Training for accredited journalists in New Delhi

Parliament secretariat has initiated the 7th familiarization program on parliamentary affairs for the accredited journalists from all over the country from August 3 to 5 with a view of giving them a full awareness on Constitutional practices while the parliamentary sessions are live at present.

Like advanced countries, which set very high standards for the journalists and media representatives, the Union government seems to take a step forward in making the senior journalists to be familiarized with parliamentary practices. The secretariat has requested the respective State Assembly Speaker’s offices, to send a recommended panel list of such accredited journalists from Andhra Pradesh.

Accordingly, AP Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao has finalized All-media advisory committee members and other media persons for the prestigious program in New Delhi.  The Speaker’s office has chosen eminent journalists from Print and Electronic Media circles from all over the AP, as well likely to use their knowledge in setting the performance standards in forthcoming Assembly session. The selected media personnel will stay at Andhra Pradesh Bhavan during the Training Program. (NSS)