Train runs over techie blinded by music

Hyderabad, August 14: Just 24 hours after a nursing student was mowed down by an MMTS train at Seetaphalmandi, a software engineer’s life ended in a similar fashion at Fatehnagar railway station here this morning. If the former was lost in her own thoughts, the latter was reportedly engrossed in music and ended up under the wheels of the Manmad Express.

Mohini Shanti Priya (24), an employee of a private firm at Hitec City, was to board a train at 9.05 a.m. to go to her office. She arrived at the station just in the nick of time around 9 a.m.

through an opening under the Fatehnagar flyover bridge. In a hurry to cross the tracks and get to the opposite platform, Priya ran across unmindful of the Manmad Express coming into the station. “We saw that the woman was in danger and shouted at the top of our voice to warn her. She, however, did not or perhaps could not listen to us as she had put on her ear phones,’’ Amarender, who runs a shop at the station, told Express.

The train driver too noticed the techie and sounded the horn but she was deaf to the world. Though the driver slowed down the train, he could not stop hitting the woman. “It is suspected that she was listening to music,’’ Nampally railway police SI Madhusudhan Rao said.