Tragic video: With no anesthesia, Aleppo child undergoes surgery by reciting Quran

Aleppo: A heartbreaking video footage of a five-year-old child in Aleppo undergoing surgery without anesthesia will leave you in tears.

The footage showing two Turkish broadcasters burst into tears after watching the tragic video of an injured Aleppo child reciting verses from the Holy Quran while undergoing an operation without an anesthetic.

The child can be heard reciting Surah Laheb and verses of Surah al Baqarah while undergoing surgery in dark basements by the glow from flashlights or cell-phone screens.

The journalist Turgay Güler and Professor Mehmet Çelik reduced to tears and barely able to speak during the program.

Syrian regime forces and Iran-backed militias have retaken all of Aleppo after years of bombardment by missiles and barrel bombs, indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children in front of the eyes of the world and modern institutions.