Tragic incident: 14-year-old Firoz dies while saving lives of brother, friend

Kerala: In yet another tragic incident, a 14-year-old boy, Firoz died while saving lives of his younger brother and a friend.

According to the report published in The News Minute, Firoz saved his brother and friend from drowning. This incident took place on 5th July at the Kadalayi Shore, Kerala State.

According to the details of the incident, Firoz, his brother, Fahad (13) and friends were playing football at the shore. During the game, when the ball went into the water, Fahad tried to get it back. In the attempt, Fahad started drowning. In order to save him, another boy jumped into the water. However, he was unable to save him. When Firoz saw that the lives of both his brother and friend are at risk, he jumped into the water. Firoz got success in saving lives of both of them but failed to save himself.

Firoz was rushed to the hospital where he died on Monday.