Traffic Restrictions in Trimulgherry Area


Mahendar Reddy, Commissioner of Police, has notified for the information of the general public that in order to facilitate proper regulation of traffic in connection with the  permission accorded to the CEO Secunderabad cantonment board (SCB)  for road cutting, digging of road and for construction  of a new bridge at Philips godown, Bapujinagar  under the limits of Tr.PS Trimulgherry,  for a period of three

months i.e., from   April  16 to  July 16, 2016, the following traffic restrictions will be enforced:


The Traffic coming from Balamrai, intended to go towards Center point will not be allowed towards Center point from Tadbund ‘X’ Roads but it will be diverted at Tadbund ‘X’ roads either to go towards Bowenpally ‘X’ Roads, Suchitra or towards Tadbund Hanuman Temple, Mastan Cafe, Diamond point etc.


Similarly, Traffic coming from “Safe Express” intended to go towards Traffic point, will not be allowed from Bapujinagar ‘Y’ junction towards Philips Godown Bridge, Center point, Tadbund. The traffic at Bapuji Nagar will be diverted towards Bowenpally market, Diamond point. Imperial garden, Broke bond and towards city.


The traffic coming from Diamond Point will also be diverted at the Center point towards Tadbund ‘X’ road and traffic will not be allowed towards Philips godown where the digging and construction works operated, from Traffic point.


Therefore, at the Tadbund X roads, the traffic coming from Balamrai towards Centre Point where the bridge is constructed, will have to take a right turn to go towards Bowenpally ‘X’ roads, whereas, the traffic coming from Tadbund Hanuman Temple intended to go towards the Center point, should not take a right turn at Tadbund junction. Instead, it should go straight towards Bowenpally X roads, “Safe Express”.


The Traffic coming from “Safe Express”, Suchitra, have to take a left turn at Bapujinagar to go towards Bowenpally market, Diamond point, Masthan Cafe, Imperial garden, Broke bond and city.


It is therefore, advised that the commuters coming to City from Medchal side, should not take a left turn at “Safe Express” itself, instead, they should go straight to towards Bowenpally, Tadbund and Secunderabad.          General public are requested to take the above alternate routes and Diversions to reach their destination and co-operative with the traffic police. Similarly, the commuters, going towards Medchal should avoid Center point can go towards Bowenpally X roads and Suchitra.(NSS)