Traffic restrictions from Indira Park to VST junction due to flyover construction

Hyderabad: In view of the construction of four-lane bidirectional elevated corridor (steel flyover) from Indira Park to VST junction under Strategic Road Development Project (SRDP), Hyderabad traffic police on Friday ordered traffic restrictions in the area. The restrictions will start from December 2 till the completion of the work.

Vehicles coming from  RTC cross-roads towards Hindi Mahavidyalaya will be diverted at RTC crossroads towards Chikkadpally market, Narayanguda cross-roads left turn, Crown Café, Barkathpura Petrol Pump, Fever Hospital, Vidyanagar Main Road, and Hindi Mahavidyalaya.

Vehicles coming from Hindi Mahavidyalaya towards RTC crossroads will be diverted at Hindi Mahavidyalaya junction towards Fever Hospital via Barkathpura petrol pump, Crown Café, Narayanguda cross-roads, Chikkadpally market and RTC cross-roads.

Vehicles coming from Bagh Lingampally will be diverted towards Ramnagar from Crown Café – Barkathpura petrol pump, Fever Hospital road, Vidyanagar main road, Hindi Mahavidyalaya – Adikmet and Ramnagar. Those coming from Ramnagar towards Baghlingampally will be diverted at Ramnagar cross-roads via Ramnagar Gundu – Adikmet – Hindi Mahavidyalaya – Fever Hospital – Barkathpura.

The traffic police advised people to take alternative roads to avoid congestion and asked to cooperate with the traffic police to ensure a free flow of traffic.