Traffic police take up special initiatives for Road Safety Week

Hyderabad: To celebrate the road safety week starting Monday till 17 January, the Hyderabad traffic police are taking up a slew of measures to ensure road safety and bring down the number of road accidents.  They also plan to spread awareness through these initiatives.

As a part of road safety events, the police are checking vehicles for triple driving pillions, rash driving and wrong side driving.  They are spreading awareness by stopping the violators and telling them how fatal their negligence can prove to be and are explaining them about other safety measures.

At the railway stations, the auto drivers are being tracked down for drunk driving, extra passengers, uncontrollable meter violation and charging high fares. They are also being made aware about road safety.

For checking on all these and spreading awareness, the traffic police have deployed more number of point traffic police officials at U-turns, zebra crossing, railway stations across the city.

Moreover, the department has laid down Zebra crossing lines, rumble strips and speed control strips in and around GHMC limits for controlling accidents. 

Commenting on the initiative, S.Saidulu, Inspector of police west-central zone, said: “We organize such drives every month. It serves as a reminder to the people to be cautious drivers and also a drill for traffic rules. We are able to educate 30 to 40 people daily and the activity will continue throughout the year.”