Traffic & parking arrangements at Secunderabad Parade grounds on Jan. 26

City Police Commissioner V.V. Srinivasa Rao, IPS, today notified traffic restrictions on January 26 in connection with the Parade and Republic Day Celebrations at Secunderabad Parade Grounds.

The road from Sweekar Upakar Junction to SBH X roads will be closed for all vehicular traffic from 8 a.m to 12 noon. S.P.Road will be closed for the general traffic from 8 a.m to 12 noon.

For Pass holder the entry on S.P.Road between Central Telegraph Cross Road and YMCA Cross road will be “One Way” between 8 a.m and 12 noon i.e Cars having passes will be allowed from CTO Junction towards YMCA before the Parade Commences and in the reverse direction towards CTO Junction after the Parade is over.

All invitees coming on vehicles with AA, A-1 and B-1 Car Passes from Begumpet side are requested to proceed via Rasoolpura Junction, flyover CTO and those with similar passes coming from Upper Tankbund and Ranigunj side are requested to proceed via M.G.Road/Parklane. They will pass through from Central Telegraph Island / Plaza Junction to the Parade Ground side of Sardar Patel road and alight at their respective alighting points on the road. Vehicles with similar Car passes i.e. AA, A-1 and B-1 coming from the Cantonment side towards S.P.Road via Sec’bad Club, Tivoli, Plaza x roads take left turn and park their respective enclosures after their occupants alight at their respective alighting points on the road. After the invitees alight at Main gate from the vehicles with ‘AA’ car passes, their cars will be parked in the VIP parking area – under the S.B.H fly over on S.P.Road, about 100 yards away from their alighting point. The vehicles with ‘A-1’ Car pass, after alighting the occupants at the alighting point i.e.Gate A-1, will proceed to park the vehicles in front of the GHMC swimming pool (under fly over). The vehicles with ‘B-1’ Car Pass after alighting the occupants at the alighting point i.e. Gate B-1, will proceed up to SBH junction, turn left and park their vehicles in the compound of the Office of the Chief Engineer, Ordnance Factory. Invitees having ‘A-2’ Car Pass coming from M.G.Road, Begumpet and Secunderabad Cantonment side will proceed in to Gymkhana Grounds and alight there and walk up to their respective enclosures, which are quite close-by after parking their vehicles at Gymkhana Grounds. Invitees having B-2 Car Passes will have to come via R.P.Road, SBH x roads proceed straight up to Parade Grounds Eastern gate and take right turn and get in to the compound of the Office of the Chief Engineer, Ordnance Factory, where the alighting and parking lot is available. The invitees are requested to walk their respective enclosures after parking their vehicles. Duty Car Pass vehicles may be allowed to park at Gymkhana Grounds.

For invitees without vehicle passes, they will come via R.P.Road, take right turn at S.B.H. Junction and proceed up to YMCA Junction, St.Ann’s School. Scooters and Cycles can be parked at Siddanthi College Lane, near Lamba Theatre.

After the function is over, vehicles having AA, A-1 & B-1 Car Passes will leave through the S.P.Road towards Plaza Junction / Telegraph island. Vehicles with A-2 car Pass parked at Gymkhana Grounds will leave towards Tivoli x roads. Vehicles with B-2 car pass parked in the compound of the Office of the Chief Engineer, Ordnance factor will leave towards SBH Junction.

The invitees are requested to display their Car Passes prominently on the left side windscreen of their vehicles for easy identification. They are requested to come in time as indicated in the invitation cards. They are also requested to cooperate with the Traffic Police at alighting points and the parking places.

The Ambulance and Fire Brigade will be parked behind the Parade Formation.

The invitees having car passes “AA, A-1 and B-1” coming from Begumpet and Panjagutta, via: CTO flyover after 09-45 a.m. will take a deviation in front of Chillah Dargha (near Plaza Junction) and go on to the wrong side of the Road and proceed to the Swimming Pool side and alight and walk by the slip road in front of the Main Gate. (NSS)