Traffic curbs for Nimajjanam of Ganesh idols

Hyderabad: Mahendar Reddy, I.P.S., Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad,  notified for information of the general public, that,  in order to relieve congestion, to maintain smooth flow of traffic and to ensure public safety and order, in connection with the Ganesh immersion processions, on 3rd  day i.e. on August  27,    5th day i.e. on August 29,   7th day i.e. on August 31,  9th day i.e. on September 2, 10th day i.e. on September 3  and 11th day i.e. on September 4 the following restrictions will be imposed from 1500 hours on each of the dates given above.

At Hotel Marriot (Viceroy) T Jn: General traffic coming from Karbala Maidan will not be allowed towards the Upper Tankbund and will be diverted towards Kavadiguda X-Roads. Public who are intending to go towards Liberty may take the route via Kavadiguda X-Roads, Gandhi Nagar T Jn, DBR Mills, Indira Park and Domalguda. Those intending to go towards Khairatabad and Panjagutta may take the route via Ranigunj, Nallagutta, Sanjeevaiah Park, Necklace Road and Khairatabad flyover.

At Necklace Rotary : General traffic coming from Khairatabad flyover will not be allowed towards the  NTR Marg, and will be diverted towards Necklace Road or the Mint Compound Road.

At Telugu Talli Statue Jn : Traffic will not be allowed towards NTR Marg and will be diverted towards Iqbal Minar at Telugu Talli Junction and the traffic going towards Secunderabad will take to Telugu Talii Flyover and will go to Katta Maisamma Temple, DBR Mills and  then proceed via Children Park, Sailing Club, Karbala Maidan.

At DBR: Traffic coming from Goshala and proceed towards upper tankbund will not be allowed and will be diverted at DBR towards Lower Tankbund. Public are requested to take alternative routes and diversions to their destination and cooperate with the Traffic Police. (NSS)