Traffic cops allegedly thrash man, video goes viral

New Delhi: A video has been making rounds in the social media that shows a man being dragged by two traffic cops at Delhi’s Patel Nagar area. The video shows one cop holding the man by his arm while the other holds him by the belt and drag him a good 50 feet, as the traffic halts to watch the spectacle.

Chief spokesperson of Delhi Police, Deepandra Pathak told ANI that the man along with a woman was on a scooter and both were without helmets, which prompted the traffic police to stop them. “While fleeing from the police, the man’s scooter tilted and he fell. When the police approached him, he assaulted them and began to flee again. So the traffic police ran after him and caught hold him,” he said. The video also shows the woman hysterically shouting at the cops when they dragged the man.

Pathak remarked that such behaviour was a common tendency of those who get caught flouting the rules. Pathak said that a PCR call was also made by the traffic police after the assault on them. Enquiry into the case is underway, he informed.

With inputs from ANI