Traffic cop dances to manage traffic

Raipur: A 35-year-old traffic police official in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur town is moving cars and heads at the same time with his brilliant dance steps that he exhibits during his working hours while controlling traffic at various junctions of the city.

Clad in white uniform, Mohammed Mohsin Sheikh moves and grooves on the intersections and uses fun flair to direct the flow of traffic.

“I enjoy my duty to the fullest,” he told ANI, adding that he got the idea after watching a viral video on the internet.

“I once saw a viral video of Madhya Pradesh’s Ranjit Singh [traffic cop] and liked how the public follows his instructions and traffic is managed smoothly by him.”

His innovative way of managing traffic has also won him applauds from his seniors who say that the response to the Sheikh’s skills has been positive.

ASP Raipur said, “DSP (Traffic) observed that cops in Indore-Mumbai control traffic through dance and are appreciated. As an experiment, we are training ten cops here, who are being posted at ten main intersections. We are getting a positive response. It will also help these cops to stay fit.”

Earlier this year, Madhya Pradesh cop Ranjit Singh had won hearts when he was caught managing traffic in a unique dancing style in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district.