Traditional linkages at core of India-Seychelles strategic convergence: Mukherjee

New Delhi, Aug. 27, ; President Mukherjee has said that traditional linkages and cultural affinities are at the core of the Indo-Seychelles strategic convergence at multilateral fora.

Speaking at a banquet hosted in honour of visiting Seychelles president James Alix Michel, Mukherjee said. India greatly appreciated the support that it had received from Seychelles for its candidature for permanent membership of an expanded UN Security Council.

He reiterated that “India remains deeply committed to its partnership with Africa, and that this was exemplified by the India Africa Forum Summits which began in 2008.”

India, Mukherjee said, will be hosting the Third India-Africa Forum Summit in October and expected the summit to result in new ideas for enhancing the socio-economic development of the people of the two countries.

Seychelles, Mukherjee said, has made impressive progress under Michel’s stewardship.