Tradition of sending greeting cards in the era of e-cards remains alive in India

Jaipur: Despite the popularity of social media websites, some people in parts of India are trying to keep the tradition of sending greeting cards on special occasions alive.

With New Year’s Day just around the corner, enthusiasts in Rajasthan thronged gift shops to buy greeting cards for their loved ones.

“Personally the physical, the card that has been going on through generations because e-greeting you just normally treat as an email, you open it and you forget about it but something that stays in your house, you can put it on the fridge, you can basically keep it as a memory is a card,” said a resident of Rajasthan’s Jaipur city, Neha, on Tuesday.

“I think it firstly depends whether you are meeting the person in-person or not. Obviously you are meeting him in personal you will give him a personal card. On the other hand it also shows the importance of that person in your mind, so typically if the person is important then you will do everything to make him feel special and then will come up with a proper card, probably flowers or a gift or whatever,” added another local, Praleya Ahluwalia.

However, in southern Coimbatore city the cost effective e-cards remained a popular option among people.

“Of course we buy a greeting card to wish our friends. Nowadays we prefer more than greeting card, wishing in Facebook and Twitter is more than easy to wish our friends,” said a local, Nivedita.

Although industry data show that retail sale of greeting cards has declined, institutional sale has seen a surge as most of the companies prefer to send greeting cards to their clients or customers. (ANI)