Trade Unions ask workers to support Mahakootami in Elections

Hyderabad: The Telangana state units of AITUC, INTUC, TNTUC and TJS (Karmika Vibhagam) have given a call to the workers in the organised and unorganized sectors to vote for the Maha kootami, as it has promised to uphold the rights of working class and democracy, in it’s manifesto.

Addressing the media at Hyderguda NSS today, Ujjini Ratnakar Rao, General Secretary, AITUC, R D Chandrasekhar, general secretary, INTUC, M K Bose, general secretary, TNTUC and Gurazala Ravindar, in-charge, TJS (workers wing) said that the TRS chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has acted like a dictator, concentrated power to his family, suppressed democratic rights and movements, failed to implement the promises made to the working class, and many industries were closed during the TRS regime, forcing thousands of workers on to the streets.

The leaders have also alleged that the CM had put down worker’s strikes with an iron hand, created TRS-supporting workers Unions and foiled the strikes of Municipal, gram panchayat workers, 108 and 104 contract workers, Singareni and RTC workers, etc., and also failed to fulfil the promise made to these unions. The CM had also banned processions and dharnas and closed the dharna chowk, and also driven the State into debt trap.