Trade union and yellow vest protests rattle Paris

Paris [France]: Protests called by the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) rattled the French capital of Paris on Tuesday, as demonstrators demanded a 20 per cent increase in minimum wage, amongst other things.

Yellow vest protesters, who have continuously agitated for 12 straight weeks now, joined the protests, according to Sputnik.

Apart from the increase in minimum wages, protesters are also demanding equal pay for both men and women, tax reform, development of public services and fair environmental reforms.

Demonstrators told Sputnik that most demands put forth by the union and the yellow vest protesters matched, leading to the joint rally.

Scores of people have lost their lives in the yellow vest protests due to clashes between law enforcement officials and the agitators.

French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a string of initiatives aimed at bringing the protests to an end, including scrapping the slated fuel price hike. Furthermore, he also announced a minimum wage hike of 100 euros per month for the people of the nation in his “economic and social emergency plan” unveiled in December last year.

However, protests have continued regardless across France, despite repeated calls for peace by the French authorities and Macron’s initiatives.