TPCC raps TRS for admitting leaders from other parties

TPCC raps TRS for admitting leaders from other parties

Hyderabad: TPCC chief official spokesperson Dasoju Shravan has alleged that the TRS party was giving party tickets to those coming from other parties.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Saturday, along with former MLA Bikshamaiah Goud, TPCC official spokespersons Gosula Srinivas, Charan Koushik, TPCC secretary Deepak John, Shravan said the TRS party has given 40 tickets to the Congress, BJP and TDP leaders, who joined the ruling party recently. He said the TRS party, which was launched 14 years ago, has miserably failed to finalize candidates’ list for the GHMC elections. He asked whether the TRS activists, who fought for the sake of separate Telangana State by facing bullets, criminal cases and lathi-charges, were not fit to contest in GHMC elections.

Shravan said the Congress party, which announced 45 candidates in its first list, has given 15 tickets to the BCs, SCs, STs and Minority candidates in general quota. “The Congress party is giving priority to the social justice but the TRS has given the selection of candidates to K Keshav Rao, D Srinivas and Kadiam Srihari from other parties have joined TRS for greener pastures”, he alleged.

Dasoju also alleged that the ruling party, which bragged that it would bag 100 seats in the GHMC elections, its leaders were indulging in irregularities and publicity stunts. He asserted that the TRS party was pouring huge money, which was looted in several schemes, to win the elections. He also said the Congress party will win the Mayor post though the TRS party indulges several irregularities. (NSS)