Toys shouldn’t hinder child’s growth

Toys shouldn’t hinder child’s growth

As the children becoming more and more influenced by the smartphone and other unproductive devices, there is a change needed in the toys with which they should play. A good choice by parents plays a much important part in the development of the motor skills of the children.

Criteria for good choice for toys:

1. Most educational ones are those that encourage the interaction of an adult with a child in supportive, unconditional play. Toys should never be considered as substitutes for the attention of parents.

2. Children should be provided with safe, affordable play items that are developmentally appropriate. Include toys that help promote learning and growth in all areas of development and encourage creativity.

3.Those toys should be avoided that discourage children from using their imaginations. Social, emotional and cognitive skills are developed and enhanced when children use play to work out real-life problems.

4. It is important to make a thoughtful selection and remember that a good toy does not have to be trendy or expensive. It also enhances the sleep of your child.

5. The colourful books can also be given importance, children develop reading skills by appreciating the colourful magazines and books, mentions NDTV in an article.

6. Be sceptical of educational or developmental claims made by advertisers, especially claims of intellectual enhancement through certain toys.

7. There are some play items that promote violence or negative social, racial, or gender stereotypes. These toys are not recommended for children, such as guns.

8. It is good to limit video and computer games. The total screen time, including television and computer use, should be less than 1 to 2 hours per day. Children younger than 5 years should play with computer or video games only if they are developmentally appropriate. A parent or caregiver should accompany the child.

These articles are the best friend for your child, if you can’t find one suitable, try to make one or involve your children making their own toys with waste material.