Tough Grind ends: Son of a ‘coolie’ becomes ‘Googler’, now procure Rs.3 lakhs per month

Tough Grind ends: Son of a ‘coolie’ becomes ‘Googler’, now procure Rs.3 lakhs per month

Having lived in a kutcha house, 25 years old Ramachandra Sankhala now draws Rs.36 lakhs annually from Google.
Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan , this Sojat boy fought hard against all odds and cracked IIT-JEE exam with an All India Rank of ‘1680’ and finally earned a B.Tech degree from IIT-Roorkree in 2013.

Sankhala who is now conducting research in Google says “My father Tejaram and mother Reema worked very hard to earn their daily wages as porters in Sojat”.

Brother of two siblings, Ramachandra Sankhala also states “I was interested in pursuing degree from IIT, therefore I took coaching from Allen Carrer Institute in Kota”

He was awarded cash prizes from Allen carrier institute from where he obtained his coaching and latter after cracking IIT-JEE exam got admission in IIT-Roorkee.

Brajesh Maheshwari, Director of Allen Career Institute Kota, asserted that “Students like Ramchandra are a source of motivation for those who belong to underprivileged backgrounds”. He got financial support from a retired judicial officer Ashok Gupta.

Last year Sankhala took one month leave from his office to motivate and teach inmates at an orphanage near Sojat, thus giving some light of guidance for the deprived. He has also arranged a tutor now to educate his ‘proud porter’ parent.