‘Totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind,’ says Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump today denounced domestic violence, days after defending former White House Staff Secretary and his close aide Rob Porter, who was accused by his ex-wives of domestic abuse.

Porter resigned on Wednesday last week after his two ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse.

“I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind everyone knows that and it almost wouldn’t even have to be said,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

He was responding to a question on domestic violence in view of the recent resignation of Porter in the aftermath of the allegations against him.

Earlier, Trump said that people’s lives are being shattered by a mere allegation, in the wake of the resignations of two White House aides following allegations of domestic abuse.

“Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation,” Trump said in a tweet after Staff Secretary Porter and speechwriter David Sorensen resigned.

However, Trump had said that Porter’s departure was “very sad” and “he did a very good job” while he was in the White House.

Sorensen resigned after being accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife.

He had denied the allegations and alleged that he “was the victim of repeated physical violence” during his marriage.