Torture Caught on Camera: Caretaker burns kids’ hands at govt run ‘Shishu Greh’ in Telangana

In a shocking incident, the caretakers at a govermment run child care in Karim Nagar in Telangana, burnt the hands’ of several kids. The incident came to light, when the CCTV footage of the torturous treatment meted out to the kids, sufaced online. ANI released the chilling footage of the woman care taker burning the kids’ hands with a hot spoon. The unsuspeting children can be seen seen having their meals, when they are assaulted by two women.

One of the caretakers goes to the gas stove and warms a spoon and hands it to the other caretaker, who sticks it to the hands of the little kids, one by one. It looks like the kids were being torutured as punishment. The footage shows six minors, who were crying for food while in the care of the two women. Unable to calm the complaining children, one of the women decided to torture them into silence. Following the release of the footage, a case has been registered against the orphange, and the woman who stuck the scalding spoons on the kids’ hands, has been arrested. Also Read: Blind kids tortured shamelessly, culprits held

There were marks in several places on the kids’ bodies and they were admitted to the district hospital. Earlier, in January, the head and the caretaker at a Delhi based NGO were arrested for alleged torture and trafficking of kids. The NGO was charged with trafficking kids n the pretext of providing them with free education. Subsequently, 30 kids were rescued from homes in NOIDA and Meerut.