Top quotes of PM Narendra Modi’s speech

New Delhi: Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the eve of New Year. In the speech on the 50th day post demonetization, he reiterated his commitment to fight against corruption, black money and fake notes.

Giving a bonanza to farmers, PM Modi announced a 60-day interest waiver for farmers who have taken loans from district co-operative banks and co-operative societies. “The government has decided to waive 60-days interest waiver for loans taken by farmers who have taken loans from district co-operative banks and co-operative socities for the Rabi sowing season,” the Prime Minister said in his address to the nation.

He also announced a scheme to provide pregnant women financial aid of Rs 6,000 as part of efforts to bring down the maternal mortality rate. “The scheme will be applicable across the over 650 districts of the country. Under this scheme a pregnant woman will be provided with Rs 6,000 for covering hospital admission, vaccination and nutritional food,” said Modi.

According to the report published in Indian Express, top quotes from his address are as follows:

  1. Patience, discipline, resolve displayed by 125 crore Indians will play a critical role in shaping future of the nation for years to come.
  2. Corruption, black money, fake notes had become so rampant in India’s social fabric that even honest people were brought to their knees.
  3. In this fight against corruption and black money, it is clear that you wish to walk shoulder to shoulder with us.
  4. These events after Diwali have proved that millions of people were looking for such an opportunity to get themselves freed from suffocation.
  5. Do you not feel, that for the good of the country, this movement for honesty, needs to be further strengthened.
  6. The suffering undergone by the citizens is a luminary example of our citizens’ sacrifice to secure a bright future for the country.
  7. Your love and support is like a blessing in the fight against corruption, counterfeit currency.
  8. Efforts should be made to ensure normality in the banking system at the earliest.
  9. Pro-active endeavours in rural areas need to be taken to provide relief to villagers, farmers.
  10. What Indians have done against corruption, there is no example in the world.
  11. Law will take its own course. This government is a friend of the honest and in favour of putting the dishonest in the path of truth
  12. Two housing schemes for the economically weaker sections have been announced under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna
  13. In the next three months, 3 crore Kisan cards will be converted into RuPay cards