Toopran: Deadly attack of Dogs kills 32 sheep

Ghanapur: A deadly attack by dogs in Medak district led to death of 32 sheep and left 19 more injured leaving the shepherds in misery.

The incident is reported from Ghanapur village in Toopran Mandal. According to Shepherd Gaddi Mallesh Yadav, he brought 60 sheep to a shed near his house in the evening. The herd also included sheep of shepherd Gaddi Bikshanati and Gaddi Muthyalu, Hans reported.

But by the time Mallesh Yadav returned after fetching milk from another shed of Buffaloes, a pack of dogs attacked the herd which was kept in closed gates, killing 32 sheep, injuring 19 more in just half an hour.

The killed sheep were not insured and none of them were distributed by the government said the shepherds crying over their loss. Of the 32 sheep killed in the deadly attack, 17 sheep belonged to Gaddi Bikshapati, 12 to Gaddi Muthayalu and 3 sheep belonged to shepherd Mallesh including.

The shepherds are now urging the government to help them cope with the loss.