Toner important step in skincare routine

New Delhi: The skincare routine needs to change with the changing season. However, there are certain skin saviours that must be a part of everyday skincare and the toner is one of them.

The human skin is covered with a very thin layer of natural lipids – oil known as sebum from the sebaceous glands and perspirations – sweat produced by the sweat glands. This covering is called the acid mantle of the skin. This acid mantle is essential is protecting the skin from pollution, moisture loss and bacterial infection. Naturally, it is important to preserve the skin’s barrier function any disturbance caused to the mantle can mean damage to the skin as well.

“A simplified skincare regimen of cleansing, toning and hydrate keeps the ‘Skin Acid Mantle’ in good health. A point to note is that we often forget the essential step of Toning of this 3-step super system”, says Krishnan Venkateshwaran, Chief Scientist – ITC Ltd R&D while speaking on behalf of the newly launched brand Dermafique

Added Sangeeta Velaskar, Vice President, R&D and Head, Medical Services from Kaya Clinic, “A toner forms the basic building blocks of a good and simple skincare routine that has numerous benefits for example toners help remove excess oil, dead skin cells and help maintain skin clarity. In doing so, a toner restores the delicate pH balance of the skin.”

They list down few benefits of toner and steps to keep in mind while buying one.

* It is important to note that a toner not only helps to clean your pores of dirt and grime but also helps to maintain the pH Balance of the skin preparing it to hydrate.

* Toners tighten pores and reduces penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants. Since there is less dirt and oil to penetrate the skin, the use of a toner prevents future acne formation or other skin irritations especially for skin that is naturally oily and prone to acne

* However, one must remember to pick toners that are alcohol free as alcohol present in some cleansers and toners can strip away the protective layer of skin causing further harm