Tokyo Metropolitan Govt undertakes steps to recycle wastewater

Tokyo: The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau is making sincere efforts to recycle wastewater and keep the city clean.

Shibaura Water Reclamation Center is the third oldest water reclamation center in Tokyo. A part of the treated water is cleaned through sand filtration and then used inside the Center for cleaning facilities, cooling machines and flushing toilets.

The generated sludge is pumped through pressure pipelines to the Nanbu Sludge Plant for treatment.
Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government said this water is coming out from the reaction tank. It contains microorganisms which will clean up the water. With the use of microorganisms, the dirt sinks to the bottom and the water is gradually cleaned up.

In a Secondary Sedimentation Tank, activated sludge masses formed in the reaction tank are precipitated for three to four hours, resulting in the separation of a supernatant (treated water) and sludge. The water, which was originally sewage, is processed and thus becomes clean.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Bureau built the water reclamation facility to produce reclaimed water that is made from clean water of the Secondary Sedimentation Tank.

One of the features of Shibaura Water Reclamation Center is Reclaimed Water Utilization Project contributing to the recycling-oriented city.

There is a large volume of treated water, with stable water quality, so it can be used effectively as reclaimed water. The reclaimed water production facility operates with ceramic used in filtering material. This helps meet the growing demand for such as toilet water.

“Water is an indispensable resource for human being’s living. Cleaning used water and making use of it again is very important and I believe that circulation of recycling water can contribute to the region affected by water shortage in the future,” Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government said in a statement.

Efforts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are praiseworthy for its commitment towards providing safe recycled water.