Tokyo Met takes consistent efforts to keep city pollution-free

Tokyo: Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world. Half a century ago, it faced serious air pollution. Rapid economic growth in the 1950s turned the sky of the megacity hazy due to industrial pollution. In some areas, the
sun was not even visible.

However, long-term efforts of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have resulted in a significant improvement in the situation.

Sadahiro Abe, Bureau of Environment- Tokyo Metropolitan Government, said, “50 years ago in Tokyo, the issue of air pollution such as a cloud of black smoke was a serious problem. To solve this challenging issue, Tokyo Metropolitan Government took measures against pollution such as shutting down of factories and clamping down of diesel vehicles in a proactive manner. And now we have realised ‘clear sky’ which makes us proud in the world.”

Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established an air pollution monitoring system and monitoring stations at various parts in the city. They measure air pollutant levels such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5. Data based on continuous measuring during 24 hours is used for verification and examination of various measures.

One of the monitoring stations is installed on Tokyo Tower. It measures air pollution at three points at heights of 25 m, 125 m, and 225 m. These measurements are disclosed as map information on the home page of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and anyone can know the situation of air pollution.

“Tokyo Metropolitan Government held ‘Tokyo Forum for Clean City & Clear Sky’ in 2018 in order to share information on air pollution countermeasure which is a common challenge in global cities and to discuss the solution with representatives of cities from each country,” said Abe.

Representatives of 22 global cities including mayors of the cities gathered in Tokyo for realising sustainable urban environment and discussed the improvement of air environment.

In the future, Tokyo will take effective measures such as the promotion of PM 2.5 and oxidant measures along with various cities around the world.

“Based on past experience, Tokyo Metropolitan Government would like to continue to provide to cities in Asia the knowledge and improvement plan which helped us realise current blue sky and we would like to help improve the
environment around the world,” said Abe.

Tokyo continues to work and cooperate with world cities for a clean environment and contribute to creating a clean atmosphere for a better life.