Togadia made a product for Rs. 500 to remain potent and continue to produce children

Gujarat: VHP Leader, Pravin Togadia on Friday at Jambusar in Bharuch district of Gujarat State, expressed his concern over growing “impotency” among Hindu men. He claimed that “impotency” among Hindu men causing decline in share of the community in the country’s population.

According to the report published in Indian Express, addressing the gather, he asked Hindu couples to have more children to counter the growing Muslims population in India.

He further said that “love jihad” and conversion to Christianity are the other causes of concern.

He also appealed youth to give up tobacco as it is one of the leading causes of “impotency”. Later, he showed the product, which he claimed that he had made it. He said that it is of Rs. Rs 600 but will give them for Rs 500. He claimed that this product will help them to remain potent and continue to produce children. He asked men to mix it in the meals.
He also target Government and said that Government is focusing only on development.

It is also reported that at the event, around 50 youths accepted “trishuls” after taking a pledge to “never misuse the trishul and use it for protection of the dharma; and to never use it on a fellow Hindu.”